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Oliver Knox


The prospect of working on genetically modified plants was enough to lure Oliver to the other side of the world in 2003. As if depriving us of his unique physical talents and guts wasn’t enough, he also insisted on taking his wife, Christine, with him thus dealing us the added blow of removing our set and props mistress.

Whilst in Australia and using the wonders of modern technology, Oliver put in his farewell appearance in The Hunchback of Walker Dam in 2004, and by use of the same technique Oliver and Christine’s son, Dylan, made his debut as Mither and Faither’s grandson, little Kieran.

Oliver’s only outing on the boards in the Australian outback saw him playing a donkey. Finding it difficult to determine if the critical response, describing him as a complete ass, was positive or negative, Oliver has now made a change in artistic direction. Quite surprisingly, other people like his poetry too!

Oliver, along with Christine, Dylan and now also Nathan and Abigail, returned to Scotland in 2008; but so far his accent remains pure Ramsay Street.


Greg Gordon



Greg brings to the group a tight intellectual discipline, a tranquil voice of reason and the stomach lining of a pensioner, he can be seen stomping around the campus of Aberdeen University, academic gown fluttering behind him, in his day job at the Department of Law.

Trained at Walker Dam Infants and Hazelhead Primary and Secondary, Greg recovered from the early disappointment of being passed over for the nativity, going on to provide a sensitive portrayal of ‘Second Elephant’ in the school pageant. His trunk, consisting of tangerines stuffed into a spray painted football sock stunned audiences and strained his neck muscles. His television work includes a recurring role as ‘man walking away from camera’, on North Tonight’s library shot of Old Aberdeen High Street (1993-1994), providing an ad hoc interview to Jane Franchi on the sacking of Alex Smith as Don’s manager, and an appearance on Grampian Weekend in which he gave a gravely serious interview on the nature of comedy.

Greg’s writing career began at the age of 11 with the publication of a letter to the Green Final. Since then he has written jokes for the school debating society, the same jokes for The Student Show and the same jokes again for Flying Pig. He lives in Aberdeen and in fear of being found out.