What It Is & How It Came To Be…

It was April 1996, and during the last night party for the Aberdeen Student Show, the writers, seeking a way to alleviate their Post-Show Blues, toyed with the idea of creating a comedy sketch show of their own. For years, a substantial body of material had been rejected from the Show on the grounds that it was either too left-field, not “of a piece” with the production, or just plain filthy…

These vagrant sketches deserved to find a good home, and so it was, heads full of comic ambition and, more importantly, gin, they resolved to create a wild-eyed  young brother for the Aberdeen Student Show. Eager not to waste a moment in pursuit of this ambition, they then proceeded to do the square root of nothing at all about it for a year.

During the summer & autumn of 1997, weekly meetings were held round at the commodious chambers of Mr Greg W Gordon. Ideas were tested, new material was written, and waistlines began to expand dramatically as a result of Greg’s alarming hospitality. After some months, sufficient material had been accumulated for a two hour show, and enough chicken dopiaza had been consumed  to stun several horses.

As director,  who better than the hardest working man in provincial showbiz, Mr. John “Son Of Buff” Hardie? Following his appointment, a hand-picked team of talented Student Show alumni were assembled – some of whom were so good they have since deserted us and become proper actors.

To the left is an exhaustive History of the Flying Pigs from stage to radio to TV and sprinkled throughout are downloadable audio clips of sketches from each of our stage shows, going all the way back to our first ever production, Last Tango In Powis

If you want to hear more, you can get a CD from our Shoppie.