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Desperate Fishwives

2007 – His Majesty’s Theatre

‘Fabulously funny, outstanding’

– Press and Journal

‘If you have a ticket – hold on to it tightly… you’ll love every hilarious minute.’

– Evening Express

‘A week at HMT’ – the fantastical ambition first voiced in the Lemon Tree bar after our first show became a reality in 2007 with ‘Desperate Fishwives’. A small preview tour (or ‘Tourette’) took the nascent production to the good people of Aboyne and Laurencekirk, raising funds for local good causes and providing the cast with a couple of slap-up home-baked post-show feeds. It was all new stuff, bringing Minker TV Gold and the Planning Officer to the stage for the first time. Not to forget Mither and Faither’s coach trip to Paris and our requiem for Grampian TV.


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A live recording of ‘Desperate Fishwives” is available on CD from the Flying Pig Shoppie.

John Hardie
Moray Barber
Craig Pike
Susan Gordon
Steve Rance
Elaine Clark
Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon

John Hardie   Moray Barber

Directed by
John Hardie

Musical Arrangements
Steve Rance

Sparrows Offshore
Ledingham Chalmers
KR Steel Services Ltd
Gavin Bain and Co
The Marcliffe Hotel
CMS Cameron MCKenna

What the Papers Said
Press and Journal 8/3/07


There was a time when the comedians calling themselves the Flying Pigs performed in the smaller, less grandiose venues of Aberdeen. In the early days of the performers’ career they found time for humble critics and would of occasion even write my review for me and print it in the programme. Now of course the Flying Pigs are in a different orbit and packing out HM Theatre to the ceiling every night until Saturday this week and I have to write my own review of their fabulously funny, outstanding show Desperate Fishwives. Still it’s the least I can do in exchange for a fantastic laugh. I’ve said this before but it seems even truer now – the Pigs have grown into the realms of HMT, they are the inheritors of ‘Scotland the What?’, in more ways than one since John Hardie, one of the principal Pigs, is Buff Hardie’s son. Now I’ve made the comparison you’ll know what the Flying Pigs are all about. Basically about helping North-east folk laugh at themselves. In a sense last night’s audience were onstage in the many, colourful, daft and couthy characters written mainly by Greg Gordon. Poor Torry gets a ribbing, as usual, but then so does Milltimber. Even the programme is a hoot. The show runs until Saturday and should not be missed.

Evening Express 8/3/07


Laughs were flying last night, as the Pigs played their first night at His Majesty’s Theatre to a sell-out crowd.This, the group’s 10th show, sees them back at HMT for the second time in as many years, playing to full houses for five nights. Quite a jump from their humble beginnings, when in 1998, their first show Last Tango in Powis played two nights at the Lemon Tree. Now, they’re exactly where they were headed, with a show which has snowballed in popularity but remains the same blend of irreverent songs, skits and hilarious characters guaranteed to have you in stitches. Often likened to Scotland The What? for a new generation, the group certainly comes from the same comedy stable. John Hardie (yes, Buff’s son) and Craig Pike share some of the show’s funniest moments on a pink park bench, with the musings of instantly familiar old boys Archie and Davie.Meanwhile Susan Gordon and Craig Pike take their well-loved characters Mither and Faither on a coach to Paris – accompanied by a troublesome prostrate and a pair of unwanted friends. With Greg Gordon’s Andy, the jobsworth jannie, sharing the laughs with Craig Pike at the council planning department lamenting the building of the Kepplestone flats, Desperate Fishwives goes where most of us fear to tread – and emerges laughing. If you have a ticket – hold on to it tightly. As ever, you’ll love every hilarious minute.

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