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Craig Pike



King of Couthy, Man of the People and Pin up boy of the Sunshine Club (Kincorth), Craig is a local showbiz legend in his own lunchtime. When not pursuing his day job with a prominent local law firm,  he can bring joy to a roomful of octogenarians with a squeeze of his box.

Craig began his career at an early age, appearing as ‘The Oracle’ in Mile End Primary School’s sell out production of “Queen Beryl and the Romans” in 1985. This part required him to wear his mother’s spare room curtains, a look which he periodically sports to this day, sometimes when bowling. In 1988 he made his professional debut as Third Munchkin from the Left in “The Wizard of Oz”, with Jessica Martin.

An accomplished accordion player, Craig is a stalwart of “Mrs Gerrard’s Accordion Band” ® and his recorded work includes the CD and Video box set “Hogmanay Party at Pittodrie House Hotel”, available now from all good reduced to clear bins.
TV includes appearing as a solo artiste in “Little Donkey”, live from Beechgrove Church in 1986, and an appearance on Grampian TV in the shining and radiant company of Sarah Mack, who, it turns out, really is that colour in real life.

Craig is also resident choreographer for Flying Pig, having studied at the Balnagask Conservatoire of Dance where he graduated with distinction in Tap, Ballet and The Slosh.