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Scott Christie


Native Aberdonian,  original Pig, and the only one among us with an entry in the IMDB, Scotty has been in London for the past ten years seeking fame and fortune. If, as you read this, you find yourself wondering ‘Scotty who?’, then, obviously, he’s still looking.

Highlights of his career so far include beating up ex-Hobbit Elijah Wood in Green Street, an online MacDonalds advert that didn’t involve burgers and acting as a Guinness World Records adjudicator (where he received more TV coverage than he’s ever had as an actor). But Scott’s greatest role was Wee Alickie at Pittodrie, where he became a cult figure after being hit with a Bovril by Rangers fans.

Scott is delighted that things have taken off for his Pig pals and hopes they remember him in the future, as he still has those backstage photos from the first show, which he’s sure the P&J would be VERY interested in.


Elaine Clark



One of the City of Aberdeen’s foremost edumacators, Elaine brings her own distinctive blonde dizziness to the Pig proceedings and several members of her family too, who are inevitably asked to add some exquisite musical ornamentation to the show.

Elaine commenced her theatrical training at Scotstown and Udny Green Primaries before graduating to Ellon Academy. Theatre work includes Third Angel in the School Nativity and a hooting part as an Owl in The Wind in the Willows, for which she achieved critical acclaim for the intensity of her acting, as well as the magnificent costume lovingly hand crafted by her mother from finest brown paper. Elaine now performs in front of a captive audiences 5 days a week at Albyn School.

Television work includes a week-long stint on Wacaday where she taught Timmy Mallet the finer points of Scottish Country Dancing, and also a starring role as “incredulous teenager in the crowd at Pittodrie” in a glorious Don’s defeat of Rangers.

A die-hard Aberdeen fan, Lainey takes great pride in the fact that her late Grandma played for the Dons when ladies football briefly flourished during wartime. Even with her zimmer, she would still have beaten Zander Diamond over six yards.