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How To Look Good Glaikit

2009 – His Majesty’s Theatre


– Evening Express

‘An absolute must for anyone in need of a good laugh’

– Press & Journal

After the success of Desperate Fishwives in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, in 2007, we returned to HMT with a new show in June 2009, for a slightly mind-boggling two week run.

Punter – “I’m coming to see your show!”

Us –          “Great! Can you bring 10,000 friends?

As if that challenge wasn’t enough, our directors, John and Gayle, (demonstrating that in comedy, timing is everything) chose opening night to expect the arrival of their first born. Happily, their daughter showed the team great consideration when she turned up just a little bit early, (not something that could ever be said about her father) and while her mum took notes, slept soundly through the dress rehearsal. Everyone’s a critic.

How to Look Good Glaikit previewed at Montrose Townhall, before bedding in at HMT from 18th until 27th June.

Highlights included the first stage appearance by the Ruaridh Duguid, telephoning the Caledonia Bank, childcare advice from Minker TV Gold and Moray’s moving tribute to the sadly defunct Bon Accord Baths.

A live recording of ‘How To Look Good Glaikit” is available on CD from the Flying Pig Shoppie.


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Photographs by Graham Read of PhotoGFX Media.

John Hardie
Moray Barber
Craig Pike
Susan Gordon
Steve Rance
Elaine Clark
Greg Gordon
Scott Christie as Mr Wyzorski

Greg Gordon
Simon Fogiel
John Hardie
Moray Barber

Directed by
John Hardie
Musical Arrangements
Steve Rance

Sparrows Offshore

Ledingham Chalmers
KR Steel Ltd
Gavin Bain and Co
The Marcliffe Hotel
CMS Cameron MCKenna

What the Papers Said

Evening Express 19/6/04

Aberdeen comedy group The Flying Pigs make a habit of ruffling feathers among the good and righteous of our fair city. How to Look Good Glaikit flies in the face of the local institutions we hold dear – Aberdeen City Council, Seaton Bowling Club, Robbie Shepherd and even the Evening Express. All come in for a bit of stick from the irreverent laughter-makers who started out in the student show and who have successfully followed in the footsteps of Scotland The What? Writer Greg Gordon pulls out the stops introducing some hilarious and colourful new characters along with old favourites. With some great lines for Archie and Davie, the liar, and Mither and Faither, and some brilliant new songs for the Buckie Drifters and Hlton John, the show is packed with belly laughs that left this first night audience in stitches.

The HMT website also allows punters to post their own reviews and that’s where, if you click on the ‘reviews’ tab you’ll see we got this notice.

Previous show: Desperate Fishwives – 2007

Next show: The Silence of the Bams – 2011




Scott Christie


Native Aberdonian,  original Pig, and the only one among us with an entry in the IMDB, Scotty has been in London for the past ten years seeking fame and fortune. If, as you read this, you find yourself wondering ‘Scotty who?’, then, obviously, he’s still looking.

Highlights of his career so far include beating up ex-Hobbit Elijah Wood in Green Street, an online MacDonalds advert that didn’t involve burgers and acting as a Guinness World Records adjudicator (where he received more TV coverage than he’s ever had as an actor). But Scott’s greatest role was Wee Alickie at Pittodrie, where he became a cult figure after being hit with a Bovril by Rangers fans.

Scott is delighted that things have taken off for his Pig pals and hopes they remember him in the future, as he still has those backstage photos from the first show, which he’s sure the P&J would be VERY interested in.


Meet the Flying Pigs


This is the fine body of men (and women, obviously) who comprise the  Flying Pigs.

Click on the photos for a wee biography of each member of the team.

From Top Left:

Moray Barber,  Elaine ClarkSusan Gordon, Greg Gordon,

John Hardie, Craig Pike, Steven Rance,

Andrew BrebnerSimon Fogiel,