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Desperate Fishwives – Radio Scotland- Series 3

‘Do we have to listen to this?’

– John’s 6 year old niece.

(Fair play to her, it was Christmas day, she had better things to  do)

Would we do a Christmas special? Came the enquiry from high up in the Radio Scotland firmament. In fact, will you do five, and we’ll put them out every day of Christmas week 2009?

Well, why not?

We recorded on a suitably dreich couple of nights in November, and the shows went out at lunchtime on the 21st, 22nd 23rd, 24th and 25th December. The perfect audio accompaniment to the peeling of a big pile of sprouts.

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Cast & Production Team


Written by

Produced by

  • Margaret-Anne Docherty

Production Assistant

  • Lauren Mackay

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