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Andrew Brebner



Theatrical harlot Mr A J Brebner is regularly seen galumphing around the stage in a series of musical comedies and operettas. In the real world, which he does his best to spend as little time in as possible, he is a self-unemployed graphic designer (portfolio on www.brebdesign.co.uk). Andrew received his extensive training at Ashley Road and Airyhall Primary Schools, Hazlehead Academy, Aberdeen College, Aberdeen University, The Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen College again. The current crisis in student funding can’t be blamed on him in it’s entirety, but it’s gye close.

He made his theatrical debut with Miss McKenzie’s Primary 3 class, in the role of ‘lava’ in a white vest. This was followed by dual roles as ‘Singing Cowboy’ and ‘First Train Carriage’ in the unforgettable Primary 5 Concert and only 13 years later, he appeared as ‘Chief’ in a self-penned 5-minute abridgement of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for Aberdeen University English department. His use of a boiler suit, a long black wig and a tin of brown Kiwi shoe polish is still talked about to this day. Mostly in seminars about diversity awareness.

Aside from countless Student Shows and songs and sketches for Flying Pig Productions, his writing credits include several dozen books, dictated to his mother between the ages of 4 and 6, which currently await publication. In his loft.