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All Quiet on the Westburn Front

Lemon Tree Studio – 2001

“15% of it was very funny. The other 85% was f@*#!ng hilarious!”

—Paul Hughson

Having refined our schtick there were no major changes for the fourth production, aside from saying farewell to Shirley and welcoming new performer Laura Sinclair. We put Robbie Shepherd in Stars in their Eyes, had PC Bobby Constable take the rap for Grampian Police, saw Davie phone a friend and revealed the hidden truth about Genghis Khan and the actor Peter Mayhew.

John Hardie
Oli Knox
Craig Pike
Steve Rance
Laura Sinclair
Susan Webster
Andrew Brebner
Greg Gordon

Written by
Andrew Brebner
Greg Gordon
Additional Material
Simon Fogiel

Directed by
John Hardie

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