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Kelvin Murray

While employed as Chief Electrician at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, Kelvin moonlighted as Lighting Designer for Flying Pig Productions at The Lemon Tree. This involved sitting in the dark for many hours, occasionally feeling John Hardie’s light touch upon his shoulder as he softly whispered gentle words of encouragement in his lilting Doric brogue. Leaving HMT and going freelance, Kelvin soon found himself working on a variety of much-lauded Lloyd Webber and ‘Cammie Mack’ productions, but after a visiting a number of international airports and five-star hotels, he soon discovered that these extravaganzas of music and light were a poor substitute for the understated artistic splendour of Flying Pig.

Realising that nothing could compare, Kelvin left the theatre world to run the UK’s scientific diving programme in the Antarctic, and now runs his own company, Silvertip Expedition & Diving Management.

Cold weather survival gear buffs will be eager to learn that Kelvin is wearing an Interspiro AGA Divator Mk II Full Face Mask with customised Swedish DYK visor-mounted LP bailout block.