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Desperate Fishwives – Radio Scotland- Series 2

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‘Laugh out loud funny’

– Bryan Burnett

All those folk who’d pestered the BBC for more Desperate Fishwives (thanks for that, by the way) got their wish in July 2008 when we recorded six more episodes for BBC Radio Scotland.

There’s also now a wee BBC micro-site all about the radio shows.

The series was broadcast on the following dates:

Episode 1 – 18:10 Friday 25/07/2008

Episode 2 – 18:10 Friday 01/08/2008

Episode 3 – 18:10 Friday 08/08/2008

Episode 4 – 18:10 Friday 15/08/2008

Episode 5 – 18:10 Friday 22/08/2008

Episode 6 – 18:10 Friday 29/08/2008

It was repeated on the national digital network, BBC 7, in the first 6 weeks of 2010.

Five enterprising listeners enjoyed the “Caledonia Bank” sketch so much that they posted it on Youtube, where, in total, it’s had almost half a million hits.

The audioclip has been emailed around the world; (we’ve had reports of it reaching Australia, Alaska and Abu Dhabi) you can check it out here; or here, and also here, here, and here.

Cast & Production Team


Written by

Produced by

  • Margaret-Anne Docherty

Production Assistant

  • Lauren Mackay

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Desperate Fishwives – TV Pilot

“Father Ted meets the Broons, with a wonderful Scottish Lyricism”

-Scottish Daily Express

The Tv Pilot of Desperate Fishwives was filmed in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire during a hectic week in April 2010; have a look at our our blog from the shoot, with loads more behind the scenes photos, or the BBC microsite.

The show was broadcast on BBC2 on the 14th of December 2010 and before long a couple of the sketches were uploaded to YouTube. Here are links to the extended trailer,  Man’s ManDerek, the Psychotic Personal Trainer and our big finale, Auchnagatt For Good‘ by the North-East boyband, Haud ‘Is.



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