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Desperate Fishwives – Radio Scotland- Series 1

Recorded at Aberdeen Arts Centre 2007

‘You made my mum laugh, which is harder than you might think.’

– Kenny McBride

Much to our delight and surprise, someone working at the BBC’s Beechgrove studio in Aberdeen had put the word out to HQ that there was something worth seeing in the frozen North.  So it was that we met with Radio Scotland comedy producer, Margaret-Anne Docherty, who’d journeyed up from Glasgow to see Desperate Fishwives. Happily, she liked what she saw, (particularly the title!) and proposed a series. “Um…Ok.” We decisively replied, and so began the process of sorting out which sketches would work for radio and for a nationwide audience. Then we wrote some new stuff, just to be on the safe side… We recorded the shows at our old stamping ground, the Aberdeen Arts Centre on the 22nd and 23rd of June, and Series 1 was  broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland on Saturdays at 12.00 noon starting on the 1st September.

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Waiting for the green light…



Episode 1 BBC Radio Scotland 12:05 01/09/2007

Episode 2 BBC Radio Scotland 12:05 08/09/2007

Episode 3 BBC Radio Scotland 12:05 22/09/2007

Episode 4 BBC Radio Scotland 12:05 06/10/2007


After the first series aired, we had literally several messages of lukewarm encouragement. However, the one we enjoyed the most came from Jeff Zycinski, the head of BBC Radio Scotland who said, in an interview with the Times, “we have been inundated with requests for a new series of Desperate Fishwives, so we must be doing something right.”

That’ll do for us!

For copyright reasons, we cant post any clips from the radio shows, but  ‘Archie & Davie on The Moosie’ and ‘Up my Close – In Torry’ are up on Youtube, so fill your boots!

There’s more info about all our radio output on the Desperate Fishwives BBC micro-site.

Cast & Production Team


Written by

Produced by

  • Margaret-Anne Docherty

Production Assistant

  • Shaun MacDonald

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Desperate Fishwives – Radio Scotland- Series 2

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‘Laugh out loud funny’

– Bryan Burnett

All those folk who’d pestered the BBC for more Desperate Fishwives (thanks for that, by the way) got their wish in July 2008 when we recorded six more episodes for BBC Radio Scotland.

There’s also now a wee BBC micro-site all about the radio shows.

The series was broadcast on the following dates:

Episode 1 – 18:10 Friday 25/07/2008

Episode 2 – 18:10 Friday 01/08/2008

Episode 3 – 18:10 Friday 08/08/2008

Episode 4 – 18:10 Friday 15/08/2008

Episode 5 – 18:10 Friday 22/08/2008

Episode 6 – 18:10 Friday 29/08/2008

It was repeated on the national digital network, BBC 7, in the first 6 weeks of 2010.

Five enterprising listeners enjoyed the “Caledonia Bank” sketch so much that they posted it on Youtube, where, in total, it’s had almost half a million hits.

The audioclip has been emailed around the world; (we’ve had reports of it reaching Australia, Alaska and Abu Dhabi) you can check it out here; or here, and also here, here, and here.

Cast & Production Team


Written by

Produced by

  • Margaret-Anne Docherty

Production Assistant

  • Lauren Mackay

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Steven Rance



Small of a*se yet big of heart, Steve appears for Flying Pig from the relaxed decadence of Glasgow’s Merchant City and by day is a Principal Teacher of Moral and Religious Education. Those of you who have met him may require to read that sentence again.

Born at an early age, Steven has grown into a performer of some stature, and following some recent Chiropractic assistance has now reached the height of 6 feet 3, without the stoop (with it, 5 feet 5).
Following his debut as ‘3rd Peasant’ in the South Leeds Panto, and training with the St Philips Primary School Players, he achieved critical acclaim in the roles of ‘Pharaoh’ and ‘Dracula’, though not at the same time.

After a period of “resting” he returned to the stage in Pools Paradise as ‘the Revd Toop’ – an ecclesiastical role, which of course would point to a calling in later life. As, indeed, did his roles as an arrogant young man in The Fantasticks, a cuckolded lover in Arcadia, a boorish actor in Kiss Me Kate, and, most taxing of all, a transvestite in Hair.

Television has included a role as ‘Bored Audience Member’ in An Evening With Evelyn Glennie and a surprised but rather pleased winning contestant on defunct daytime STV quiz Beat the Streets.

Steven is, of course, best known for his recurring role as ‘fake tan road tester’ on BBC Radio Scotland, in which he describes the texture, colour and efficacy of a variety of tanning products for the benefit of mid-morning listeners.