“Soaring Success for Flying Pigs show” – Silence of the Bams review

Review – Pauline Alexander saw Flying Pig Productions’ The Silence of the Bams at His Majesty’s Theatre.

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only eence – Aberdeen’s Flying Pigs delivered laughs in spades during their latest Doric comedy offering, Silence of the Bams.

Fit iver ye dae ower the next dizen days, mak sure ye ging tae His Majesty’s Theatre and tak’ in een o’ their shows and ye’ll nae be dissapinted.

The four piece Buckie Drifters provided a strong opening to the show led by Craig Pike. This is quickly followed by the exasperated Mr Duguid, brilliantly portrayed by Greg Gordon, who try as he might could not get anyone at the end of a phone to pronounce his name correctly.

No Flying Pigs show would be complete without the banter between favourite skiving workers Archie and Davie as they put the world to rights. And who needs Elton John when Hilton John is on our doorstep extolling the virtues o’ Rubislaw Den far ye can bide in a hoose that has a lavvie wi’ a door?

Craig Pike excelled himself as Faither, dreading the arrival of nightmare couple and pair o’grips Selma and Eddie who arrived complete with a bottle of tattie brandy.

The Mieklewartle Television sketch featured farming characters Jock and Jim waxing lyrical about their state of the art tractor which runs on North-East sharn is an absolute must for any Flying Pigs’ show – as was the Doric skit revealing the truth behind those lonely hearts columns.

Steve Rance’s hilarious parody on Union Terrace Gardens was superb and really struck a nerve with the audience, while John Hardie excelled as new character The Lurker who happens to be very choosy about who he approaches in men’s toilets.

The air stewards sketch featuring Greg, this time joined by Moray Barber, had everyone in stitches as the retired trawlermen talked everyone through the Doric version of the safety drill – advising everyone to keep their own set of teeth as they would come in handy for identification purposes later on.

Well done Flying Pigs and their superb back-up team of talented writers for another gem of a show.

Evening Express 11/10/2011