Simon Fogiel

Writer Simon brings to Flying Pig a keen ear for Doric dialogue, and has the luxury of being able to base the majority of his sketches on either family members or experiences resulting from his admittedly ridiculous surname.  By day he is principal teacher of mathematics at Oldmachar Academy, growing increasingly alarmed at the number of school pupils who are taller than he his.  In fact, it’s at work where Simon gets his greatest laugh – telling pupils he has written anything remotely funny.

Due to overwhelming public demand, Simon’s stage career has been cut short, though he boasts many memorable roles: “Soldier 12½”“Expressionless child #3” with his Mum in Aberdeen Opera Company; “Daniel O’Donnell strip-o-gram”“Cantankerous old man” in Student Show and “Boy with no concept of what was going on” in an Aberdeen Grammar School production of “Blood Wedding” by Lorca.

In his spare time Simon tests the structure and resilience of Aberdeen’s pavements whilst out running and  tests the skills and resolve of the green-keepers at Kemnay Golf Club whilst golfing. However, he  has now completely retired from testing the abilities of local hairdressers.

Simon lives in the city’s glittering suburbs with his wife, Lynn.