Flying Pig CD’s

Looking for that special something for your loved/loathed ones? Need something with the wow factor that’s thoughtful, original and nae too pricey in these straightened times? Us too. Gi’es a shout if you find onythin’ bangy.

Meantime, you could do worse than give one of our CDs to that special someone., or better yet, keep it for yourself.

Live recordings of our last 3 stage shows are available from our shoppie for just £10.00 each,  inc. postage & packaging.

Our first CD, ‘Prime Cuts’ sold out (eventually), so don’t delay! When they’re gone, they’re gone. And I can get the use of my loft back.

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DESPERATE FISHWIVES  Including the sketches Minker TV Gold, The Licensing Board and the Planning Officer, along with Mither and Faither’s coach trip to Paris and introducing Pishy Pishy Watson.

HOW TO LOOK GOOD GLAIKIT  Including the You Tube internet phenomenon ‘The Caledonia Bank’ and the wince-inducing Eddies Woes

THE SILENCE OF THE BAMS   Including the top rated show from Mtv (that’s Miekle Wartle Televison), two from the angry Minister, the debut of the Bakery Wifies, the showstopping Air Stewards, and our tuppence worth in the row over Union Terrace Gardens