The Madness of Kingswells

2002 – Aberdeen Arts Centre

“Every line delivered with precision by a confident and talented cast.”

– Evening Express

“I was sore from laughing at half time!”

—David Morrice

Back in the Arts Centre, this time for a 4 night run, we got some unexpected free publicity when the local press used our title to report on plans to build a football stadium to the west of the city. That didna harm oor ticket sales. And so the first Flying Pig audience to break 1000 discovered the fate of Wee Alickie, the defunct Green Final’s cartoon paperboy, saw Robbie Shepherd’s efforts as a roving reporter and met Billy and Dougie; ex-trawlermen turned Air Stewards.

John Hardie
Elaine Johnston
Oli Knox
Craig Pike
Steve Rance
Susan Webster
And Introducing
Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon
Andrew Brebner

Andrew Brebner
John Hardie

Directed by
John Hardie

    Musical Arrangements
    Steve Rance

      What the Papers Said

      Aberdeen Press & Journal 03/10/02

      Flying Pig Productions, the North-east’s very own kings and queens of comedy have gone all multi-media in their new show at Aberdeen Arts Centre, and with hilarious results. Led by John Hardie, Craig Pike and Susan Webster, the Flying Pigs have rightly earned an excellent reputation for ringing laughs from homegrown targets. Their latest show, The Madness of Kingswells must be their best yet. Written by the brilliant Greg Gordon and Andrew Brebner, the show successfully develops some familiar favourite characters and takes them far beyond our comedy expectations. While the new characters just seem to get better and better. Expertly produced and performed, the Madness of Kingswells really does guarantee a hilarious night out.

      Aberdeen Evening Express 03/10/02

      I must confess to being a Flying Pigs fan – along with, I suspect, most of this first night audience. Often likened to Scotland The What?, the self-styled humour of these Student Show stars bears a passing resemblance to their predecessors. However, with four years’  experience now behind them, the group is making an impact all of their own. The Madness of Kingswells transports the comics from The Lemon Tree to Aberdeen Arts Centre, greatly increasing the staging potential, which director John Hardie oversees with his usual imaginative flair. Lighting and slide shows aside, the comedy has also moved up a gear, with writers Greg Gordon and Andrew Brebner turning in some of the group’s funniest moments yet, and every line delivered with precision by a confident and talented cast. It’s as much fun as any theatre-goer can handle.

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