Scott Christie


Native Aberdonian,  original Pig, and the only one among us with an entry in the IMDB, Scotty has been in London for the past ten years seeking fame and fortune. If, as you read this, you find yourself wondering ‘Scotty who?’, then, obviously, he’s still looking.

Highlights of his career so far include beating up ex-Hobbit Elijah Wood in Green Street, an online MacDonalds advert that didn’t involve burgers and acting as a Guinness World Records adjudicator (where he received more TV coverage than he’s ever had as an actor). But Scott’s greatest role was Wee Alickie at Pittodrie, where he became a cult figure after being hit with a Bovril by Rangers fans.

Scott is delighted that things have taken off for his Pig pals and hopes they remember him in the future, as he still has those backstage photos from the first show, which he’s sure the P&J would be VERY interested in.


Laura Sinclair


After performing with Flying Pigs, Laura moved to London to train at Mountview Academy gaining her BA HONS Performing Arts (Musical Theatre). While studying she played roles including Julie Jordan in ‘Carousel’, The Beggar Woman in ‘Sweeney Todd’, and Eve/Mamma Noah in ‘Children of Eden’, in London’s Covent Garden.

Since graduating theatre credits include ‘The Wasteland’. On Television she played various roles for C4’s ‘Bo Selecta!’ and Laura has also been Principal Singer in ‘Best of the West End’ onboard The Arcaidia and most recently, The NCL Dawn.

Laura is currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal in the Cirque show ‘Four, Spirit of the Elements’ as their lead vocalist, a role that requires “Weird ass singing and crazy costumes“.

At last, her early experience as a Flying Pig can be put to good use.


Dave Quaite


After appearing as a shouting Irishman in the first Flying Pig Show, shouting Irishman Dave went on to graduate from Aberdeen University in Psychology.

Accepting the Queen’s Shilling, he then embarked for a life on the ocean wave with the Royal Navy, protecting not only our shores, but also fish and, with the aid of a decent sunblock, his skin.

He briefly reprised his stage career and was outstanding in the Britannia Royal Naval College’s Christmas Panto as Prince Charming, a role more traditionally played by a female performer.

He is now the Navigating Officer on HMS ENTERPRISE, a position which will be held in the future by a Mr. Sulu and a Mr. Data


Oliver Knox


The prospect of working on genetically modified plants was enough to lure Oliver to the other side of the world in 2003. As if depriving us of his unique physical talents and guts wasn’t enough, he also insisted on taking his wife, Christine, with him thus dealing us the added blow of removing our set and props mistress.

Whilst in Australia and using the wonders of modern technology, Oliver put in his farewell appearance in The Hunchback of Walker Dam in 2004, and by use of the same technique Oliver and Christine’s son, Dylan, made his debut as Mither and Faither’s grandson, little Kieran.

Oliver’s only outing on the boards in the Australian outback saw him playing a donkey. Finding it difficult to determine if the critical response, describing him as a complete ass, was positive or negative, Oliver has now made a change in artistic direction. Quite surprisingly, other people like his poetry too!

Oliver, along with Christine, Dylan and now also Nathan and Abigail, returned to Scotland in 2008; but so far his accent remains pure Ramsay Street.


Kelvin Murray

While employed as Chief Electrician at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, Kelvin moonlighted as Lighting Designer for Flying Pig Productions at The Lemon Tree. This involved sitting in the dark for many hours, occasionally feeling John Hardie’s light touch upon his shoulder as he softly whispered gentle words of encouragement in his lilting Doric brogue. Leaving HMT and going freelance, Kelvin soon found himself working on a variety of much-lauded Lloyd Webber and ‘Cammie Mack’ productions, but after a visiting a number of international airports and five-star hotels, he soon discovered that these extravaganzas of music and light were a poor substitute for the understated artistic splendour of Flying Pig.

Realising that nothing could compare, Kelvin left the theatre world to run the UK’s scientific diving programme in the Antarctic, and now runs his own company, Silvertip Expedition & Diving Management.

Cold weather survival gear buffs will be eager to learn that Kelvin is wearing an Interspiro AGA Divator Mk II Full Face Mask with customised Swedish DYK visor-mounted LP bailout block.