RaincoatsAye aye, fit like?

Welcome, one and all, to the Flying Pig Productions website.

Here you will find a cornucopia of information and related thingamybobs and hoojimaflips about the finest comedy sketch team in the sunny and cosmopolitan metropolis of Aberdeen, Scotland.

So wondrous are the achievements of our web designer (that’s a real job you know, for grown ups. Amazing. When I was a boy they called them “spiders”) that the whole thing really speaks for itself.

So join us, and explore the world of Archie & Davie, Mither & Faither, Ruaridh Duguid, Maurice The Liar, Pishy Pishy Watson and others too numerous to mention.




Tickets for our 2013 theatre show ‘Finzean in the Rain‘ are now on sale from the Aberdeen Box Office. Dinna be shy, we’ve got 10,000 tae shift!

The Buckie Drifters, Mither & Faither, Archie & Davie, Maurice the Liar, Hilton John, the Bakery Wifies, Mrs Valentine’s P4’s, Meiklewartle Television and Ruaridh Duguid are all set to return to the stage of Hmt in ‘Finzean in the Rain’. It’s a brand new show, so as well as these old favourites there are some new faces, like Ron Cluny, the Cooncil spin-doctor and ex-footballer ‘Cava’ Kenny Cordiner.